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Information & Communications Technology Consultants


We provide a comprehensive ICT Consultancy Service to our clients and customers.

  • System Design Specifications
  • Network Testing, Certification & Commissioning
  • System Audit Reports on Network Security, Capability & Efficiency
  • Network Stress Tests for Security, Capability & Efficiency
  • Disaster Avoidance & Recovery Plans
  • Long-term ICT Budgets & Plans
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis Reports
  • Business Process Re-Engineering Proposals & Plans
  • Data Security, Data Retention & Secure Destruction Policies
  • Compliance Audits & Reports on Data Protection & Freedom of Information
  • Network Usage & Access Policies

We offer these services either individually or in groups.  We will also implement these proposals and recommendations and manage and maintain the systems throughout their lifecycles if so required.

Architects, Engineers & Services Consultants

Architects & Services Consultants will benefit from our System Specification Service giving them the most advanced and current networking and communication designs & specifications.

Our Construction Technicians will also incorporate these designs & specifications into your Project Drawings Portfolio if so required.

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Our expertise ensures that you're always ready to manage future requirements in an efficient & effective manner.