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Information & Communications Technology Consultants

Internet, Intranet & Extranet

We design, build, manage & maintain Websites that are dedicated for Internet, Intranet or Extranet purposes including the required hosting, storage & security services if so required.

Internet Public Websites

  • Public Relations sites
  • Product & Service offering or advertising sites
  • Secure E-Commerce sites
  • Informational sites

Intranet Private Websites

  • Data-sharing sites for in-house data access
  • Product & Service Management sites
  • Customer Relationship Management sites
  • Content Management sites

Extranet Secure Restricted-Access Websites

We provide secure Extranet sites linked to powerful back-end databases allowing you to grant specific customers secure access to elements of your business information such as:

  • Stock Levels
  • Purchase Orders
  • Account Information & Status
  • Online Collaboration

We are always please to discuss your individual requirements.

The World Wide Web

World Wide Web

The use of Websites & Web Portals has increased in popularity as a means of advertising, accessing either specific or general information and conducting e-commerce.

We design & build sites to meet the most demanding of requirements including all security-certificates, firewalls, back-end databases, etc.