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Information & Communications Technology Consultants

Networking & Maintenance


We design, build, manage and maintain secure Local and Wide Area Networks to meet the most demanding of requirements. We provide highly effective firewall & security screens to protect our Clients & Customers from unwanted intrusions, emails and malicious infections.

We ensure the highest level of data throughput by utilising the most efficient & effective media, e.g. optic fibre, shielded & unshielded copper twisted-pair, radio, infra-red, etc. Our networks are designed to be multi-platform and may be optimised for a variety of Operating Systems such as Microsoft, Novell, Unix & Linux, as required.

Network Management, Maintenance & Support

We provide full System Lifecycle Management, Maintenance & Support ensuring that your Hardware, Software, Infrastructure and Integrated Information Systems provide the optimal contribution to your Business in the most cost effective manner.

This prudent preventative maintenance also protects your Business Continuity and controls your IT costs.

We have a variety of Network Management, Maintenance & Support Plans to meet with each Client or Customer's individual requirements. These plans are clearly detailed and costed. Call us for details.

Disaster Avoidance & Recovery Plans

Workable Disaster Avoidance & Recovery Plans are critical to the continuity of your business. These Plans ensure that all possible steps are taken to

  • Avoid unforeseen or unexpected disasters
  • Recover your data and operational effectiveness in the event of such a disaster
These Plans are unique to each individual network or organisation. They are clearly documented and reviewed on a regular basis with staff being updated on the actions required to maintain optimal Disaster Avoidance & Recovery readiness.

When Disaster Strikes


If your network or system is damaged through some unexpected or unforeseen disaster, that's when a Disaster Avoidance & Recovery Plan shows its true value.

That is, of course, if you have one!

A Real-Life Disaster

Take the case of one of our customers whose offices were badly damaged by fire.

Within two hours of being granted access to their premises by the Fire Officer, we were able to replace sufficient equipment to restore all of their data and core operational effectiveness.

This would have been impossible without our unique Disaster Avoidance & Recovery Plan for this Network.