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Information & Communications Technology Consultants

Project Management

We provide the Project Management and Administration that are the critical factors in ensuring the success of any proposed IT Project. We create the Project Budgets and ensure that the Project is executed in a cost-effective and efficient manner. We set tractable dates for Project Deliverables to ensure that systems are ready to be incorporated into the business at the appropriate time.

We provide

  • Terms of Reference
  • Investigation & Feasibility Study
  • Analysis & Design
  • Proposal
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • Lifecycle Maintenance

Clear & Precise Project Budgets

Project Budgets allow our Clients & Customers to predict both ongoing and overall Project Cost with certainty and ensures that there are no hidden or unexpected Costs likely to arise.

Clear & Precise Project Time Schedules

Detailed & accurate Project Time-Schedules allow our Clients & Customers to incorporate the completed Project Elements into their future plans and capitalize on their own Resource Availability and Capacity Planning.

Advanced detailed planning and project walkthroughs provide for seamless Project Completions that are on schedule and within Budget.

Project Graphs

Knowledge & Experience

Our plans are created by qualified and experienced System Analysts with years of practical experience in the field. The results provide insightful and highly workable plans.