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Information & Communications Technology Consultants


We supply, install & maintain a complete range of Computer & Networking Software for our Clients & Customers.

Whether it's a Server, Workstation, Security or Application Software, we provide the correct software for the task.

We specify and provide a full range of custom & proprietary

  • Operating Systems for Servers, Workstations & Laptops
  • Office Application Suite Software
  • Accounting Software
  • Audio & Graphics Software
  • Security Software
  • Document Management Software
  • Professional Case Management Software
  • Custom Software
  • Database Systems Software
  • Custom Software to meet specific requirements

No matter how complex your requirements, we will have the software solution that's a perfect fit for you.


Database Systems

We design Custom Relational Database Systems to meet the most demanding of requirements in terms of capacity, speed, access & logic.

These range from simple database applications to complex multipurpose federated Client-Server Back-End Database Systems with Front-End Client Interfaces.